Epoxy Flooring systems are seamless flooring systems commonly found in restrooms, break rooms, retail areas, light duty kitchens, research labs and automotive showrooms as well as residential garages. Epoxy systems are typically installed between 3/32″-1/8″ thick and have the ability, depending on topcoat, to provide any level of slip resistance.

Different topcoat options can be used to achieve different purposes such as chemical resistance or scratch resistance
. The flakes can be installed in any color, size or percentage. They are also available in polymer flakes, metallic flakes, glow in the dark, and glitter options.

    Quartz or double broadcast floors are seamless floor systems utilizing epoxies, urethanes and quartz sand. With a finish system thickness approximately 1/8” and integral cove base of 4” to 8” inches, these systems are a desirable option for commercial kitchens, research labs, manufacturing, restrooms and a number of other applications.

    With the inherent nature of the sand being broadcast in the epoxy resin, these systems also have a non-skid characteristic that can be reduced or increased by the thickness of the topcoat being applied.

    The quartz sand is available in a variety of colors and is not only functional but also decorative.

      Mica-Flake: Macro & Micro

      Quartz Blend

      Macro Chip Color Blend

      Micro Chip Color Blend